Fred Cuomo

BJJ Fundamentals Coach, Wappingers

Fred always felt a tugging in his heart for grappling, he just never knew why that was or how he was going to make that happen. Life as a personal trainer was going well enough, but even that kind of hard training was missing…something. Months went by, and Fred kept seeing handfuls of grapplers from Black Hole stream in to cross train; each time Fred resolved to reach out and strike up that fateful conversation that would lead to his starting up with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. As with many new things in life, however, there was still a resistance there. Finally, Fred was pushed to take the leap from a deep commitment to trainer integrity: How was he going to write programs for athletes without knowing the intricacies of what their particular sport demanded? He gave Black Hole Jiu Jitsu a try, and has never looked back since. Yet, if you sit and ask Fred what exactly gripped him so keenly regarding the art, technique will be the last thing he mentions: “Black Hole fosters a community first and foremost, where all are welcome and everyone is supported and coached to become steadily better…not just on the mat, but at life.” Anyone that meets Coach Fred, or talks to him at length can immediately understand the type of quality human being they are facing, and furthermore gain a deeper appreciation for the environment that Black Hole Jiu Jitsu is trying to create for its students. His fundamentals classes are a mix of true beginners and more advanced students, which only serves as a yet another testament to the exemplary humanity he injects his teaching style with.