Fatima Kline

Fatima Kline, Jiu Jitsu Coach at Wappingers

BJJ Coach, Wappingers

Fatima Kline BJJ Comp Record

  • 145lbs Pro Division winner Submissions on the Shore
  • HVGI Super Fight champion
  • Men of War Super Fight Champion
  • 2016 ADCC Trials Champion (Juvenile)& 2nd Place in the pro bracket (at 16 years old)
  • 28x NAGA Advanced division Champion
  • 2x Grappling Industries Champion
  • 13x Good Fight Advanced division Champion
  • 2x Fuji Bjj Champion
  • 2x Liberty Games Bjj Champion
  • Newbreed Advanced Division Champion
  • Ammo Grappling League Advanced division Champion